U9 Boys Team Selection Session

Wednesday 14th February Greythorn Primary School 4-5:30pm

New or returning past players please attend the first session unless organised separately with the registrar or age group coordinator or listed in a different session on the team selection lists

  • Please bring a light and a dark top and a drink bottle. If you are a current Blazers player, please wear your Blazers singlet
  • All new players and players returning from season/s off please attend the first session unless discussed with the registrar or age group coordinator prior, or listed below


To assist with grading all players are allocated a number or letter below. To help the night move more smoothly, please if you have time, write this number or letter as large as possible clearly with a large dark marker on at least one arm and one leg.

Assistance Required

Registration Desk Helpers Required please – we need assistance at each session to help writing numbers/letters on arms and helping new players fill out an information form.

Please contact lee@thompsonsmiths.com if you can assist at one session or more.

Group 1 (4-4:45pm)
1 Andrew Zhou
2 Auden Marshall-Chung
3 Cary Gordon
4 Casey Houghton
5 Chris Lei
6 Darcy Keecha
7 Eddie Jiang
8 Francis Zimo Wang
9 George Wang
10 Henson He
11 Idan Asari
12 Joshua Liu
13 Lucas Huang
14 Nathan Ang
15 Noah Lim
16 Oliver Ma
17 Oscar Sherry
18 Owen Wong
19 Ronen Tib
20 Ryan Ma
21 Ryder Wang
22 Sorin Yosefnejad
23 Spencer Brand
24 Steven Ren
25 Teddy Jacobs
26 Yoyo Chen

Any new or returning players please attend this session.

Group 2 (4:45-5:30pm)
27 Adhvik Kondapally
28 Adrian Abdollahi
29 Adrian Chabok
30 Alex Pike
31 Caleb Whitmarsh
32 Casper Wong
33 Charlie Mcindoe
34 Daniel Francis
35 David Paes
36 Edward Cho
37 Elson Chan
38 Ethan Kwong
39 Hans Pan
40 Harvey Griffiths
41 Henry Yang
42 Hunter Campbell
43 Isaac Eastaugh
44 Jack Voskresensky
45 Janson Ho
46 Justin Zeng
47 Levi Curtis
48 Liam Liu
49 Ollie Moradi
50 Samuel Cheng
51 Sebby Chrysis
52 Steven Zhou
53 Thomas Gu
54 Victor Huang