Welcome to the Balwyn Blazers Summer 2021-22 season

Team Selection Process

Our policy at the Balwyn Blazers is to place your child in the team that best suits their ability, and most importantly to give them the opportunity to enjoy their experience as a player. The full club policy on team selection is available under the Club Policies & Procedures menu.

We select our teams through a range of sources of information including; feedback from the player’s coach from last season, observations of games during the season and their performance at team selection. However, the biggest influence on team placement is often the training and game day availability of the player.

The more constraints or restrictions the player has, the harder it is to place them in a team. For example:

  • Limiting the times and/or days they are available to train
  • Stipulating a requirement for AM or PM games. As a club we have quotas from the EDJBA on how many teams must play in an AM or PM timeslot for each age group (Please note: 11.50am is considered a morning and afternoon game)

Keep requests to a minimum greatly assists our Age Group Co-ordinators (AGCs) in the task of putting teams together 


  • Requests for refunds after registration are subject to the clubs refund policy which is available under the Club Policies & Procedures menu
  • Respect that your Coach’s time is valuable and remember you are an important member of a team. Missing training and games due to other commitments IMPACTS on everyone in your team. We do not expect basketball to be everyone’s priority, but a players commitment to training and playing does influence team selection.
  • Adjustments to teams may be required throughout the EDJBA competition grading phase due to player withdrawals or balancing of teams. Any changes are at the absolute discretion of the AGCs and/or the Balwyn Blazers Committee

Registration Fees For Summer Season

The Eastern Districts Junior Basketball Association (EDJBA) has cashless game days, so registration fees include the weekly game fee for the normal part of the season. The only additional playing fees will be finals games.

Due to increases in court hire fees and the increased cost of club operations associated with COVID compliance the Balwyn Blazers have increased registration fees for the first time in more than 2 years.

The registration fees for Summer Season 2021-22 are as follows:

1st Child

2nd & Subsequent Children

Basketball Victoria 12-month licence fee

Please note that children MUST be registered together at the same time to get the sibling discount

Summer 2021-22 Age Groups

Under 8: Born between 1st July 2013 and 2015
Under 10: Born between 1st July 2011 and 30th June 2013
Under 12: Born between 1st July 2009 and 30th June 2011
Under 14: Born between 1st July 2007 and 30th June 2009
Under 16: Born between 1st July 2005 and 30th June 2007
Under 18: Born between 1st July 2003 and 30th June 2005
Under 21: Born between 1st July 2000 and 30th June 2003

For further information on team selection please contact Carolyn Morkham at operations@balwynblazers.com.au or refer to registration FAQs in our Policies & Procedures.

By clicking the below link, I acknowledge I have read the Team Selection process and understand my obligations.